What kind of music do you listen ?

A little bit of everything (yes, even country). My favorite bands/artists are Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, Metallica, Chevelle, All Time Low, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audioslave and The Strokes. I mean, just to name a few.

Piltover’s finest.

Only took a million years to finish but I did it. Enjoy!

Finally set up my stuff through e-Junkie and just made another page specifically to catalog all the Bliss League content I’ve made so far! Visit it here. <3

It’s still under construction, so pardon the plainness.


The cutest boy in my life. It’s a Slurpee kind of day.

Your hair. Cutest. Thing. Ever! I love it! It's so pretty!

Aw, ty ty~ I quite like the low maintenance hair but some days I miss longer hair. Either way I feel more nature with short hair. :3

woo, you draw in your own style and it's pretty soft and cool :D i really like it. that it, i just want to say that, and if you like to draw a sejuani i would be really thankful, aaaaaannd if you ask yourself "why this men write so bad" it's because i'm argentinian. greeting from the south earth (?)

Perhaps when I have the time. Thanks for tuning in. ^ u ^

omg zac riven is my otp and your art is just so good agghhh thank u for existing frond^^"

Thanks so much!

10 Minute Drawing - Gnar

He’s so cute. ^ u ^

Just for fun. ^ u ^

Just for fun. ^ u ^

My 10 minute illustration for the day - Alice Margatroid, Touhou. :)

your drawings are so epic! I also have a tablet, but it's so difficult to work on it >< how did you practice?

There really wasn’t any specific way I practiced. I got my very first tablet when I was 16-17 and it was a small, Wacom Graphire 3. For the first year or two, I was discouraged to use it because it was difficult so I remained within doodling with Copic markers and fine liners. Eventually, I somehow found the patience and determination to keep at it because I really wanted to pick up digital art. As frustrating as it was, I just kept on with using the tablet until it started to feel natural. It sorta just happened over time as opposed to waiting and then waking up one morning to fire up the computer and finding that using the tablet was second nature to me. Once I felt that I was ‘as one’ with my tablet, I upgraded to a Wacom Bamboo. Giving that about a year and a half, I eventually upgraded to a Wacom Intuos 4 which I’m still currently using for my work. I hope to one day be able to upgrade into a Cintiq (mad expensive) or any other device that implements drawing on screen which I’m aware requires some getting used to as well.

So long story short, just keep at it every day and don’t be discouraged! You’ll get there before you know it!

Do you think you'll ever make any tutorials and have you considered streaming when you have time? Your line-art and coloring is beautiful!

I’m too lazy to do a tutorial but I have been trying to get over the shyness and maybe do some streaming. Maybe an hour each into the night, 11pm Central time would be an ideal time for me.

10 minute illustration a day.
Well, I can’t promise that with my schedule but I’ll definitely try!

Cosplay Art Auction

Hi everyone! I’m holding another art auction, if you haven’t guessed from the title.

This concept is a little different from my previous auction. The theme for this art piece will be a choice of your character cosplaying another character from the same or different series. As always, this isn’t exclusive to League of Legends. This can be any character of your imagination or other games, movies, anime/manga, etc etc.

Conditions are as follows:

  • Starting bid is $20
  • Raising bid minimum is $5
  • Tumblr accounts are mandatory to inbox (not anonymously) their bids
  • Auto-buy is $85

The auction ends August 18th at 11pm Central time. :)

Bidding will be updated on this post.

Starting bid: $20
Current bid: $30 - jinxedprovidence

For epyonavenger, winner of the Zac Squishies art auction! Enjoy!

[Commission Information]