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League of Legends: 5ish
Hearthstone: Jai 1106

Misty Day. 

Best AHS character. <3


I have to sit here and watch this fan-fic cybering between Vi and Riven over a Riven Carry doodle happen on my dashboard. ಠ_ಠ

Haven’t uploaded a picture of my brooding in a while. We’re pretty excited about Easter. :)

Ahri doodle in passing. Can’t wait until school is over with. ಠ_ಠ

"Any objections, you’ll have to answer to me."

Revisiting an old friend. Stress reliever. 1.5 hours.

Artist life can be hard if you can't get a decent job and/or commisions done, just donated cause I adore your art!

❝ If every artist got paid by the hour, best believe they wouldn’t be juggling school and/or a part-time job. ❞

- So please stop expecting artists’ commissions to be dirt cheap because it’d be convenient for you.

As a person who is getting into drawing, how would I improve myself? Aside from the usual "Just practice every day". I'm already doing that, but as with LoL, you can watch replays of Pro's, your own replays to know what you can do better, such and such. Also, doodles on your sketchbook are in Ink. Do you sketch in graphite and do the linework in ink?

Aside from ‘practice everyday’? Probably never finish any piece in just one sitting down. Come back to it later and you’ll feel differently about it then you can make improvements and whatnot. Also, use references if you feel stuck on a certain area of doodling (anatomy, perspective, light source, etc etc). Google is a beautiful thing.

I use a .3mm mech pencil and any ‘sticky ink’ pen. It’s nice for shading. :)

Another page off my sketchbook. Done in between classes.

LB and Sona, commission #3 for fromclouds at DeviantArt.

Looong overdue but now that school and such is calming its fucking tits down, I can catch up with doodles. Slowly and surely it’s finally filtering out. I am currently accepting new commissions/clients, just email me at ^^

Chibi Celestine Soraka commission for 3ntf4k3d on Deviant Art. ^^

Do you have any tattoos?


Draw yourself? :3


So you wish you were Asian. »


My parents came to the United States with a suitcase filled with things from their previous lives. They worked two jobs, seven days a week, while studying as full-time students to complete their education. My dad tells me stories about how he waited tables late into…

A million times this. I know too many people that romanticize Asian culture. 

A random Riven stress reliever doodle in between some commission work, school work and studying. Have a great rest-of-your-weekend~

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