Bliss League: Tristana $15

The Tristana piece was fun. I was debating whether or not I wanted to keep her Yordle sized or human sized, as well as whether I should just go full humanized with the skin color or Yordle color. I suppose I went a little both ways taking from each end. ^^; Enjoy!

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Hey, I've admired you a long time. You never fail to be engaging and you're obviously talented. I'm sorry you've been so depressed recently and I wish there was something I could do to help you more directly. For what it's worth, I'm a fan. As an artist and a person, you're a lot cooler than you seem to think. I hope this makes you smile, at least for a second.

That’s a awfully sweet of you. Thanks for the support, anon. :)

You’re too kind for your own good, Sneezie. Dx

How are you so gorgeous and good at art?

Genetics, I think. And lots of cigarettes these days. I’m bad. u_u

You are very pretty and are a great artist, I hope you keep drawing your amazing drawings and one day I will be able to Commission you (out of a job atm .-.)

Thank you, anon! Sorry to hear you’re out of a job. I hope you land one soon. Happy job hunting, hang in there!

Zac & Hobo Riven Commission for nielspeterdejong. This was really fun to do since the idea of Riven technically being a hobo was hilarious to me and several of my friends, enough so that the client incorporated her hobo, living-in-a-cardboard-box-ness into this piece. Thanks so much for the commission, it was a lot of fun!

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Hii Jeanne! So I really love your fem versions of league characters and I just have an inquiry :3 I am a cosplayer and I am looking to do maybe a fem-Rengar cosplay. Was wondering how much it would be to commission you to do a rough sketch (no color needed) of fem-Rengar (like a cosplay blueprint maybe?)? The issue is, I have no references, so you'd likely have to make it up, and idk the cost for that. But I'd love to cosplay your idea! Thank you!

To get a good idea of how much my commissions are, you can take a peek here! Please e-mail me at to discuss further ideas and price negotiations for your project! Thank you for the inquiry, I’m rather honored and excited to be part of your cosplay. <3

15 minute Diana doodle.
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A Zac and Riven commission WIP. :)

I just want to say that you look beautiful. Whatever you're doing to make yourself that beautiful, keep doing it.

It’s just makeup, an iPhone camera, the amazing vanity light in my bathroom and a one-button photo enhance option. Sometimes an occasional cigarette. Thank you!

Dressed up and dressed down. A more put-together selfie(s) to forgive the last one I posted with me being au naturel and scuzzy. My bathroom’s vanity lights along with an iPhone camera takes very flattering pictures.

(I’m not very expressive.)


Yes but clean hands, please! o 3o

you're so cute! :3

I guess if you’re into the whole choppy haired sleepless look thing.. Thanks! ^^;


Bliss League: How to Train Your Gnar - $15

An addition to the Yordles and how to train them. It was fun humanizing cute little Gnar but not really taking away too much from his her Yordle-ness as I’ve done with the previous one featuring Teemo. Do enjoy!