A WIP of Riven and Zac Squishies as requested by epyonavenger from the very first auction I hosted featuring… well, Zac squishies. It’s so fun to draw! :3

Time to grind for a Surface Pro 3 after a whole day of research with on-screen drawing on tablets. Wish me luck.

~ n ~;;

Remember your anthro-Items? I do :3 can we get a little Zephr for bliss league or is that a little out-there?

It’s a bit out there! I didn’t think anyone remembered the doodles I did of Sightward-tan and Infinity Edge-tan.

Mafia Jinx? Bondage would be pretty good too .-. Love your work by the way!

I’ve done Jinx a while back but maybe in the later future. And thank you! ❤️

First off, love the new icon :3 secondly, how would you do the wings on hAnivia? On the back or as the arms themselves?

Hehe. Thanks! I’d probably draw the wings on the back. :>

Any monster girls like Shyvana, Zyra or Elise? Or maybe a humanized Anivia?

Oooh… Human Aniva is pretty sexy in my mind right now. :>

Glad you remembered. Actually, you should do a lot more genderbends because they are amazing. You da bes.

I’ve actually missed doing genderbends. My favorite to do was girl-Nocturne. ^ u ^

Just tossing out a few ideas. What about Karma, Vayne or Sejuani? Maybe a genderswap Darius or Talon? Sorry a lot came to mind. xD

Sejuani has come up a lot on my inbox so that’s definitely the strongest consideration I have going right now. Thanks!

How about some Headmistress Fiora?

I’m surprised no one suggested Fiora yet! Definitely put a pin on that.

Remember that J4 genderswap you did a long time ago? Because I do. More of that.

My goodness, that foxy, raven-haired, green-eyed babe? Oh yes~ Let’s put a pin on that, shall we? <3

I want to see Lulu, but non-futa and small sized. Small, chubby, glorious filth.

Hm… that’s something I could consider. I like to keep an open mind for these things. However, I recently added Lulu to the shop so maybe later when she’s filtered out!

Bliss League of Kat and Ashe pls

I already have one of Kat up and quite frankly I’m tired of drawing her. The characters I draw a lot upon request (Bliss League or not) tend to be Vi, Kat, Riven, Sona, etc etc etc. Oh, and that cunt Ahri. ESPECIALLY that cunt Ahri. -____-;

What would/who would you like to see for the next Bliss League issue? My inbox is open, don’t be shy! <3
Alrighty then. Riven. #69, Giddity. Pretty please :D