Bliss League: Sun & Moon ($15)

This download includes an uncensored version of Leona face-riding Diana. The explicit version included features close-up bubbles!

Bliss League: Sun & Moon Bundle ($25) - Includes Sun & Moon download plus the Leona and Diana editions of Bliss League (3 high res downloads total, 6 images total).

This was fun and often requested! Please enjoy! I created a bundle to go along with it to keep the theme relevant! Thanks for the love and support, please enjoy!

I post WIPs, day to day stuff and announcements for Bliss League submissions!

hi! I would like to request a Nami drawing because I love her :). thank you!


Here you go! Please enjoy~ I’ve received several other requests for Nami. ^^;


Bliss League: Popular! ($15)

This issue features three of the most requested League of Legends babes I usually get in my inbox. The explicit content features sweat, toys and clamps. Please enjoy!

Hello, new followers! Hope you enjoy your stay. I’m done with requests for the weekend but my inbox is always open. Keep an eye out for it, I do try to get to these requests when I have time/need a stress reliever or warm up.

Back to commissions/this coming week’s Bliss League issue featuring Ahri, Riven and Katarina. Follow me on Twitter (5_ish) for WIPs and nonsense.

Good night!

- JT

Hi :3 I said on twitter I'd send a request, but I'm not sure what yet. D: I'm a Janna lover so it would be something with her. ;a;


Here is a Janna doodle as requested! Enjoy!

Some of Quinn and Valor, pls?:3


Sorry this took a bit, I got swamped with IRL stuff and commission stuff. I hope you enjoy and thank you! <3

A commission from 3ntf4k3d on Deviant Art!

I was asked to draw something my son loves and conveniently, he likes cute girls and Gnar when he first came out. When I would have the log-in screen on around the time Gnar first came out, my son would point at the screen and say “Gagi!” which means ‘doggy’ in his language. <3

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Justicar Syndra : bloodraven cosplay
Snowstorm Sivir : Tiger Tessa Cosplay
Battle Bunny Riven : Sirena Cosplay
Dragonfist Lee Sin : theysayilostmymind

Photos : Undiscovered Photography

Ahh! I found some really nice photos of my Justicar Syndra cosplay from PAX Prime! I’m so happy. :’)

My Raven sister rocking that Justicar Syndra cosplay. #mybooisbombashellandyoursisnt

Inbox, reblog or tweet me the correct answer! All three must be correct. The first three entries to correctly guess will receive a free download of this upcoming issue and will be announced! Good luck!


Bliss League - Zyra ($15)

This BL issue features Zyra having her own playtime. “Feel the thorns embrace” indeed. Enjoy! :D

WIP: Bliss League Zyra. o uo;;

A finished commission for nickthewarlord featuring Ahri tied up on Naut’s anchor (inspired by the most recent cinema). See the uncensored version here!

Definitely time for sleep… Good night, Tumblr!

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WIP - A naughty Ahri commission for nickthewarlord. :)

Arcade Bliss - $15

Featuring Miss Fortune and Sona in their Arcade skins, the explicit version with the bundle includes fun, Sona-abusing toys. Enjoy!

I put a lot of love than usual in this one and it took quite a bit to do. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I especially love doing bright colors and the Arcade skins were perfect for that. Thanks for the support and do enjoy. ^^ <3