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This is a blog filled with my doodles, my life and my rantings. I hope you enjoy the contents of my blog. Ask box is always open so feel free to send me questions or comments!

League of Legends: 5ish
Hearthstone: Jai 1106

I've written before to speak of how much I admire your art. I've thought before, but never sent anything, about how it's impressive you manage to produce material and complete commissions even when you're bogged down with excessive coursework, and even when they're for subjects you don't particularly care for. I mention those things as to not give the impression that what I'm about to say is all I think of you. That being said: you are /incredibly pretty/. Like, wow.



I have to sit here and watch this fan-fic cybering between Vi and Riven over a Riven Carry doodle happen on my dashboard. ಠ_ಠ

Ahri doodle in passing. Can’t wait until school is over with. ಠ_ಠ

LB and Sona, commission #3 for fromclouds at DeviantArt.

Looong overdue but now that school and such is calming its fucking tits down, I can catch up with doodles. Slowly and surely it’s finally filtering out. I am currently accepting new commissions/clients, just email me at ^^

Chibi Celestine Soraka commission for 3ntf4k3d on Deviant Art. ^^

A friendly reminder from Zed to floss regularly.

Astronautilus & Astronaut Teemo commission for Andrew U (DIEmond). :)

❝ All these tea-time Zed reblogs being brought up again makes me want to draw him grocery shopping. What would he buy? ❞


Really, Riot?

After a solid week of connection (finally), the moment I decide to do my first provisional ranked game, you disconnect me? On top of that, I get banned for seven days? When will this bs end?

Humanized Tristana doodle finished.

Humanized Tristana. In between commissions and trying to get over this artblock hump.

A simple Vi stress reliever.
I hate winter. I want it to go away already.

LoL Champion Skins Wishlist

Decided to make a list of skins that I want to collect. Mostly just for reference! I’ll be coming back and crossing these out as I go along as well as adding new ones to the list as skins are released. Devil Thresh skin, roitpls.

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