It started as a warm-up doodle (40 minutes) and then I realized I haven’t digitally painted in forever then I got carried away. A little.

What’s up with my obsession with Zac squishies though? Oh man, help me. xD

A WIP of Riven and Zac Squishies as requested by epyonavenger from the very first auction I hosted featuring… well, Zac squishies. It’s so fun to draw! :3

What would/who would you like to see for the next Bliss League issue? My inbox is open, don’t be shy! <3
Alrighty then. Riven. #69, Giddity. Pretty please :D


Zac Squishies Art Auction (closed)

Hey guys!

I decided to hold an art auction because I found that I really, really like to draw Zac passive squishies and I want to auction off a commissioned piece featuring that and a League of Legends character (not mandatory, original characters or otherwise are welcome too). They can be doing anything! Perhaps sitting around swimming in Zac squishies, having a couple of beers, enjoying some sunshine or other not-so-innocent stuff, if the bidder feels so inclined.

Conditions are as follows:

  • Starting bid is $10
  • Raising bid minimum is $5
  • Tumblr accounts are mandatory to inbox (not anonymously) their bids
  • Auto-buy is $85

The auction ends July 20th at 11pm Central time. :)

Bidding will be updated on this post.

Starting bid: $10
Winning bid: $50 epyonavenger


Bliss League: Lulu (futanari) $15

Bliss League Futa-Lulu WIP.

I’m drawing Lulu in futa for the next BL. I’m not sure if you guys are into that but I’m bored right now.

Bliss League: Syndra $15
- A single file download, high resolution, with a side-by-side of the uncensored version and an explicit version.

Click here to purchase!

Lux - palette 4 :D


Bliss League: Vi & Quinn ($15)
- High resolution downloads including uncensored version and a close-up version with explicit content.
[Click here to download!]

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The poll closes July 5th at midnight, Central.
Thank you for all the support!


A WIP of Bliss League’s Vi and Quinn.

Vi was the winner of the most recent poll and Quinn was a close second. I decided to be nice and include her as well, for those who voted insistently on Quinn but didn’t quite beat Vi voters. :)

Love you~

Ahri x Jax commission for Joshua B. :)
[See commission Information here!]

Bliss League: Diana
- High resolution uncensored version
- High resolution uncensored + explicit
Click here to download for $15!