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This is a blog filled with my doodles, my life and my rantings. I hope you enjoy the contents of my blog. Ask box is always open so feel free to send me questions or comments!

League of Legends: 5ish
Hearthstone: Jai 1106


I have to sit here and watch this fan-fic cybering between Vi and Riven over a Riven Carry doodle happen on my dashboard. ಠ_ಠ

Ahri doodle in passing. Can’t wait until school is over with. ಠ_ಠ

LB and Sona, commission #3 for fromclouds at DeviantArt.

Looong overdue but now that school and such is calming its fucking tits down, I can catch up with doodles. Slowly and surely it’s finally filtering out. I am currently accepting new commissions/clients, just email me at ^^

Chibi Celestine Soraka commission for 3ntf4k3d on Deviant Art. ^^

A friendly reminder from Zed to floss regularly.

Astronautilus & Astronaut Teemo commission for Andrew U (DIEmond). :)

❝ All these tea-time Zed reblogs being brought up again makes me want to draw him grocery shopping. What would he buy? ❞


Really, Riot?

After a solid week of connection (finally), the moment I decide to do my first provisional ranked game, you disconnect me? On top of that, I get banned for seven days? When will this bs end?

Humanized Tristana doodle finished.

Humanized Tristana. In between commissions and trying to get over this artblock hump.

A simple Vi stress reliever.
I hate winter. I want it to go away already.

LoL Champion Skins Wishlist

Decided to make a list of skins that I want to collect. Mostly just for reference! I’ll be coming back and crossing these out as I go along as well as adding new ones to the list as skins are released. Devil Thresh skin, roitpls.

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Happy Holidays!
Sorry I’m late-ish. This was last minute/quick and I was busy all of today with family affairs. Enjoy!

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