Zac & Hobo Riven Commission for nielspeterdejong. This was really fun to do since the idea of Riven technically being a hobo was hilarious to me and several of my friends, enough so that the client incorporated her hobo, living-in-a-cardboard-box-ness into this piece. Thanks so much for the commission, it was a lot of fun!

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15 minute Diana doodle.
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A Zac and Riven commission WIP. :)


Bliss League: How to Train Your Gnar - $15

An addition to the Yordles and how to train them. It was fun humanizing cute little Gnar but not really taking away too much from his her Yordle-ness as I’ve done with the previous one featuring Teemo. Do enjoy!

How to Train Your Gnar preview. o 3o


Bliss League: Janna x Sona - $15

This was pretty fun to do. Not a whole lot of Sona in there but… you know, she never really has much to say anyway. Enjoy!

A WIP of Janna for Bliss League.
Sona is in there too. Kinda.

Piltover’s finest.

Only took a million years to finish but I did it. Enjoy!

10 Minute Drawing - Gnar

He’s so cute. ^ u ^

Just for fun. ^ u ^

Just for fun. ^ u ^

10 minute illustration a day.
Well, I can’t promise that with my schedule but I’ll definitely try!

Cosplay Art Auction

Hi everyone! I’m holding another art auction, if you haven’t guessed from the title.

This concept is a little different from my previous auction. The theme for this art piece will be a choice of your character cosplaying another character from the same or different series. As always, this isn’t exclusive to League of Legends. This can be any character of your imagination or other games, movies, anime/manga, etc etc.

Conditions are as follows:

  • Starting bid is $20
  • Raising bid minimum is $5
  • Tumblr accounts are mandatory to inbox (not anonymously) their bids
  • Auto-buy is $85

The auction ends August 18th at 11pm Central time. :)

Bidding will be updated on this post.

Starting bid: $20
Current bid: $30 - jinxedprovidence

For epyonavenger, winner of the Zac Squishies art auction! Enjoy!

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WIP of Bliss League Leona. ^^

More for me than anything else because she’s my buddy. <3