Time = money.

Just a friendly reminder that people should never ask working artists for ‘free art’. I understand that there will be that off chance they’re taking suggestions or requests, as I do at times, but to ask for ‘free art’ is such a peeve. 

Artists open for commission do have bills to pay, too. They also need to eat. 

My self-esteem summarized. 

My self-esteem summarized. 

Dis comment doe. I may just die of cuteness/creativity overload. <3333

I ordered a pizza and asked them to tell me I’m pretty

Overall, pretty good.

Those who know me know that I have an affinity for complaining about the most minuscule inconveniences in my life. The past month or so has definitely been filled with nuisances, back to back. Some were resolved, others not so much. Despite these things that pile on top of the more significant stresses of my daily life, I just wanna say that my life is still pretty awesome. I am, by no means, exactly where I planned to be but I’m getting there one day at a time. 

I pretty much gave up trying to resolve the uncanny and super suspicious disconnects and internet-dropping that is specific to my 5ish account. I got my account back yesterday and instantly, I drop from a 5v5 game. I understand that I’m supposed to custom game to make sure but in my situation, consequently the only way I could test out whether troubleshooting methods have been effective is if I queue up in a matchmaking game. I’m discouraged to try any further for the risk of ‘disconnecting’ again would result in another one week ban (it will be my third one week ban I’ve received and eventually it will permanently ban the account).

So lately I’ve been playing on my smurf account, soon to be made my main account. It’s bittersweet essentially starting from the ground up. I spent two years of my life on 5ish and spent a lot of time and money on it, as well as other people who have been so kind to gift me things. It hurts playing on a very baron and impersonal account, but I suppose I’ll eventually get there. 

A family friend suggested (jokingly) that I was maybe being DDOS attacked. 
Geez, that would make a lot of sense… -____-


Someone PLEASE buy me this! Dxxxxxxxxx 

*foams from the mouth*


my left right boob is bigger than my right left one i hate myself

Breaking up is hard to do.

I’m pretty much rebuilding my LoL account from nothing since 5ish has been banned yet again because of the disconnects. I can’t take it anymore. It makes no sense that I’ve been on my smurf playing problem free for a whole week but as soon as my ban is lifted, it’s the same nonsense and I get banned for another week. I can’t deal with the heartache so I’m migrating over to Bayard. Come add me if you have a smurf and we can grind to 30! :D

Looking a little distraught these days.

But do you see why Gengar is my favorite pokemon?

But do you see why Gengar is my favorite pokemon?

I got my account back, finally. Go say hi and welcome it back with confetti! :D
It looks like I won’t be getting my dA account back but it’s whatever.

Two years later and my grey circle lenses came in.